BELINDA     1955


I am the Founder of the Golden Gals. It was my mission to get Senior ladies together to have a good time, laugh, talk, exercise, and mostly entertain and spread much needed JOY. I am originally from Gary Indiana.  I play my guitar every day, and I am a Casino Dealer on the strip in Vegas. I am a kidney cancer survivor, so being able to enjoy all of this is truly a Golden blessing. 

SUSAN     1954

Creative Assistant 

I’m originally from New York, Retired, Widow; I have 3 grown children, 6 grandkids, and 1 great grand daughter & 1 fur baby. I’m a cervical cancer survivor; love crafting. 

Member since Feb.2022 

DIXIE     1960    

Event Committee

Originally from Washington State, we moved to Vegas in 2021. I am a Breast Cancer survivor and the recipient of a pacemaker. So glad I found these Gals to keep living my best life. Married and Mom of 3 adult children. 

TERESA     1966


I am new to USA originally from Johannesburg in South Africa . I work for a non profit organization as their Senior Accountant & Payroll Manager. My husband & I are blessed with 2 daughters & son-in-laws. As a dancer in my youth I love that I am able to continue to live my passion by being a member of the Vegas Golden Gals whilst making new friends & having fun. 

CINDY     1961

Co-Leader, Secretary  &Choreographer

I grew up in snowy Southwest Michigan. I've been dancing since the age of 3, I went on to professionally dance, teach, choreograph and own my own dance studio for many years back in Michigan. I'm retired from dance and enjoy being a transplant here in no snow, sunny LV. I am married 25 years, have 3 beautiful daughters, one son-in-law and one grandson. I'm so excited to have dance, movement and music back in my life with joyful, likeminded fun ladies, a.k.a. The Las Vegas Golden Gals! 

LAURIE     1960

Event Committee

My name is Laurie and I’m 61 years young. I am blessed to have two grown children and have been married for 32 years. I was fortunate to find the Vegas Golden Gals through my old  high school friend Dixie. I  feel double blessed to connect again with her and be apart of such an amazing, fun, joyful group of women. 

LISA     1959

Purchasing Assistant

I am from the San Francisco Bay Area where I was a Cheerleader Song Girl at San Lorenzo High. Had the pleasure of living in New York, Rhode Island, Illinois and retired from Nursing in 2017 to move here in Las Vegas.

I’m married and have four children, five grandchildren and a Bull Terrier!

I’m also a Thymus cancer survivor so each day is a gift from God and being a part of the Vegas Golden Gals has been a true blessing! Love spreading Joy to others!

CYNTHIA    1954

Event Committee

I’m a retired flight attendant originally from Cleveland, Ohio. I’m blessed with 3 terrific kids and 3 fun grandchildren. I marched in my first parade at the age of 5, a mini majorette. My mom taught all of the baton twirlers, my dad gave us the marching beat with his drums! I was a cheerleader and dancer through my school years and beyond, helped teach ballet and owned a Jazzercise franchise as well. So happy to be given an opportunity to shake those Poms again! These Gals are terrific! 

CHERYL     1957

Event Committee

I’m  a retired nurse and a lifetime resident of Northwest Indiana until Nov of 2022 when I moved to Nevada to join the Vegas Golden Gals. 

 I LOVE what I’m doing and the beautiful group of women that I am doing it with!!!  My life is surreal right now!!! 

LORRAINE     1950

Sponsorship Committee

I am truly honored to be a “Vegas Golden Gal”.  This team of amazing ladies “woke my soul and gave me a reason”.   It is a privilege to spread joy, kindness and see people smile and hear “encore” from our audiences. This wild and crazy mom has 4-adult kids, a grandma to 8-grown grandkids ages 22 to 30 and a great-grandma to 6-great grand-babies.  I married my bestie who has always been the “Wind beneath my wings”.  Life is good, I am blessed, no regrets. 

HEIDI     1965    

 Event Committee

I've lived in Vegas for over 15 years and been married for 37 years.

 I have 5 kids and 5 grandchildren 3 dog and cat. I'm honored to be a part of this wonderful group. 


I am originally from Salida. Colorado and moved to Las Vegas in 2012 from CO Springs. I have best been known for my coaching & judging career in Pom/Cheer for 36 years in Colorado. I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Technology/Business Education & worked 11 years in CO Corrections. My family consists of my dog & birds, 3 grown children, & 6 grandkids in CO! My happiest moments are attending concerts & shows in Vegas! I enjoy staying active with the Golden Gals & look forward to performing at Las  Vegas events!

COLLEEN     1955    

I’m a Wife, Mother and Grandmother. Originally from Gary, IN I’ve lived in Southern California for 28 years. I worked for an engineering company until I retired early to watch my grandbabies, now 11, 7 and 4. I’ve always enjoyed an active lifestyle playing women’s soccer, bowling, hiking and in 2010 I ran my first full marathon!  I fell in love with interval running and spent 7 years volunteering for LLS (Leukemia and Lymphoma Society) as a participant, mentor, and asst. coach. I’m so excited to be a part of this great group of golden gals! 

JANE    1966

Dance has always been in my blood!  Originally from Washington State, my husband and I moved to Henderson in 1997 -- I think that makes us almost native Nevadans!  I’ve been involved in dance, music, and theater for over 50 years as a performer, instructor, studio owner, and choreographer.  I love to travel and am blessed to have had an opportunity to visit over 40 different countries. These Gals have given me a renewed energy to perform, share my love of sparkle, and are truly like sisters!  Go VGG!!!!  

JULIE 1961

Originally from North Dakota,  I have lived in 7 states and settled here in 2016. I am a breast cancer survivor since 2004.  I was a pom pom girl and cheerleader all of my high school years.   I'm blessed with a husband of 28 years and 3 rescue dogs.  I love dancing and my sisterhood with these lovely ladies.

JANICE "J"  1957

I am called J, nana and grandma.Happy to say, I am a Cancer Survivor   I am a Vegas kid. I grew up here and I Love Vegas !! My granddaughter is on a local competitive cheer team that are National champions so I am very excited to be part of a group showcasing what it means to be a Vegas Golden Gal.  


Originally from Kansas moved to Las Vegas 41 years ago with my husband. I have 3 grown children and 5 grandchildren I was in the fitness industry for 18 years and postsecondary education for 15 years. I recently lost my beautiful husband to Parkinson and dementia. We were married 44 years. I am so blessed to of found this wonderful group of ladies and to be a part of this amazing team 

FAYE  1953

By joining Vegas Golden Gals, I've begun an amazing new chapter in my life as a life long Las Vegan. I studied dance at U.N.L.V. Having never lost my love of dancing, it is wonderful to be a member of this fun loving team of gals. My husband and I are blessed with one son and three daughters. I'm a painter of people, places and things that I love. After recent elbow surgery I'm grabbing my Pom Pom's and I'm ready to dance!

PEGGY P.  1955

 I was a ballroom dance teacher from Montana. Since "Lights" was my first word, I saw Las Vegas and I was never the same again   I worked in shows like Moulin Rouge, Folies, Bergere, Jubilee and Razzle Dazzle during the 80's. Then I married. had a son, became a single parent and worked in Health Insurance for 25 years. Sitting isn't healthy, I broke my hip and am fighting osteoporosis. Dancing is part of my soul! I am so grateful to find Vegas Golden Gals to reignite my passion.   

BAMBI  1954

My parents named me after a famous dancer from back in the day that they loved- Bambi Lynn. Born and raised in Maryland before moving to Vegas in 1979. I thank God for my fabulous husband, four adult “kids” and 8 grands who call me “Grambi”. Cheerleading in High School was a blast. I enjoyed singing and dancing with a local Sweet Adeline’s chorus. VGG is an answer to prayer for me and I am so thankful for the friendships, fun and definitely the sparkle and sequins!  Love serving our community!! 

PEGGY    1956

I am a girly-girl who is retired now, but used to wear steel-toe shoes, a pink hard hat & drive a forklift!! I have always loved to dance, and luckily, I wasn’t judged too harshly atauditions~! Married 49 years to my high school sweetheart, who is now retired Army, have 2 daughters, 2 grandchildren, and 2 really awesome Berne doodle pups!My side kick is attending Parrot head events, Partying with a Purpose, & being a HUGE Jimmy Buffett FAN! Traveling is next, and interior design is my passion !

Melynda  1966

I'm honored to be a part of the Las Vegas Golden Gals. Happily married to my best friend and raising a beautiful teenage granddaughter.  We moved to Las Vegas in May 2021 to retire. I am a cancer survivor and have proudly lost 190 lbs. and kept it off for 7 years. Moving to Las Vegas gave me the courage to start doing all the things I only dreamed of doing. I am an award-winning International Author, Public Speaker, Event Coordinator and now a Golden Gal! 


Volunteer helpers and music coordinators

Brittny and Angelina


Team Photographer


Team Driver